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Life was perfect, or at least it was as close to perfect as it could get. There would be no challenge or fun in a perfect world after all.

He lived in an immense city, one so colossal he could never get bored. The city was surrounded by forest where he could go be a wolf if he wanted to. A forest with lots of running space and animals he could hunt when he got tried of human food.

His gang was so large that he never had to look for a fight. Whenever he wanted some violence it was there. If he wanted more then just a friendly brawl he would head to the other side of the city, There he could fight with his teeth or his knife, which ever he preferred at the moment.  There were few things in the world he loved more then a good fight. Feeling his muscles burn, the sweat on his back. The taste of blood on his fangs or the feel of it on his hands and blade. The beautiful dance of death and danger.

He was a danger addict; he had no problems admitting it. He lived for the adrenaline rush and his city was perfect for supplying him.

He even had the start of a new pack in the form of Lisa. She was beautiful, soft and kind. She didn't fear his temper; even when Tsume was full of rage, she calmed him down. She didn't mind his danger addiction, and was always there to treat his wounds. She was someone he could love and protect. They hadn't had any cubs yet though Tsume liked the idea of pups. He just wasn't sure if he would make a good father.

He took a drink of his bear, pulled Lisa in for a kiss and smirked.

Yes he was definitely in paradise.
I do not own Wolfs Rain.

This is an entry in :iconwolfs-rain-group:contest. I choose the option to make my own version of paradise for one of the characters.

I hope you like it. 
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good luck on the contest!!!
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